Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cork Boards

These a super easy and super cute. The brown and pink one is one that my friend Kristen made for me. She used hot glue, fabric, and ribbon. I used remnant fabric (30 cents I think is what it cost me), and ribbon. I just used a stapler. Sadly, I don't know where you buy cork boards at, I am assuming target or something. Give it a try!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Photo Blocks

I LOVE these. Here's what I did. Go to home depot, buy a 2 by 4 and cut the blocks into 5 by 5 inch squares. Sand them down. Paint them whatever color you would like, and then stamp (or write) whatever saying you would like on the blocks. Use mod podge to glue the pictures to the blocks. I used probably 5-10 layers of mod podge just to make sure they were on there well, and protected. I put scrap book paper in the bottoms. I ended up making ones that said "FAMILY", "E G S" (Emily Grace See), "LOVE", and "IN LOVE". So I definatley got my money's worth. You can also go to Michaels and buy the blocks ready to go, but they are much more expensive.