Friday, February 26, 2010

Mom's Birthday Painting

This was for my Mom's birthday August 16 of last year. Yeah. I got stumped on the mouth and just put it off for a few months...whoopsie! I am proud though because I mailed it off yesterday. Wheh. Checked it off the list.

Let me explain

I have had zero motivation. After my last few projects I've lost all my creative ideas. SIGH. What a bummer. My sewing machine was on loan and had to be returned. I've done a few little projects but nothing really blog worthy. I've also put crafts on hold because I was putting all my time and energy into these instead of my my house, husband, son and myself. Not like it was huge drama I just got burnt out. I also paused because I was spending all spare money on crafty things. Even though most of my projects were cheap...they still cost money. We are trying to get outta debt and save up for a house. I'll try to be better from now on.