Sunday, May 30, 2010

Two of a kind

I made 2 more pillowcase dresses for my sweet neices. ....
they are twins so we had to make 2, these cases were $1.00 each at D.I.
Too adorable.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's coming up!

You just hold your horses! I just moved. So now that everything is unpacked this is my next project.....ohhhh I can't wait. Yes that's me as a baby and my Mother in the picture. Love it. You'll love it more soon!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Doing my part

Our ward's Young Women had a Breakfast and Bake Sale/Auction. How I love to bake. Yes I do. I really don't like to cook at all. Nothing I make really turns out "that good", so I mainly leave it to my husband, and luckily he will eat almost anything. At first I thought "carrot cake!". I make a meeeeaaaannnn carrot cake TOOOOOOOT TOOOOOT...what's that? Oh it's the sound of me tooting my own horn. But then I stayed out late last night and didn't have the energy to hand grate 3 cups of carrots. So we went with Red Velvet. I did manage to get my cream cheese frosting made and didn't hate my frosting job! With cakes you have to be patient and I always seem to be short on time. When we were at the car dealership the other night our sales person gave me 6 red roses. I hate red roses. So I donated them to the cake. Wa la! The cake sold for $20! I was proud!