Wednesday, October 21, 2009



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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I bought 2 fugly pillow's from savers for 2.99 each. Took this fabric from walmart and what did I get? 2 rockin new couch pillows! I am so bummed though because I did have a before picture of the pillows, but accidently deleted it! Mother eff!

And now I wonder why I made these, because they don't stay on the couch...

Oh well, I still love them.
P.S. I am considering doing a craft giveaway.......I need more comments and more followers first.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Halloween Spiders!

Thank you again Kelsee. These are supposed to be for kids to make, I have a kid, but he didn't make them......

Here is what you need
Egg Carton
Pipe Cleaner

You cut out the egg carton as you can see. Spray paint, poke holes with a pen in the side, and stick the pipe cleaner in, then bend the legs.
If I had to do it again, I would use the fuzzy pipe cleaner, I imagine it would stay a lot better than the sparkly ones....just saying.
Still adorable, and affordable none the less :)

Bar Stools

We bought these our first month of marriage, they were pine ( I FORGOT A BEFORE PIC....Dang it!) but after I did the end table.....lightbulb! Leftover sand paper and spray paint....hmmmm here we go!
After I tried painting them absolutely flawless..realized it wouldn't happen so I roughed up the edges with sand paper....
I am IN LOVE. I seriously think they are so adorable now.

Spruced up candle

My sister in law gave this to me a few years back, I loved it, but lately it looks so plain to me...
Spray paint, scrapbook paper, mod podge....ahhh now that's more like it!

End Table

We got this end table about 4 years ago when Kevin was living with his roommates. We've used it just as an end table forever, because we always had an entertainment center. When we moved to SLC I wasn't willing to haul our GIANT heavy entertainment center with us (it was free anyway) so, we've had our tv sitting on this for about 5 months.

We got our new tv stand for a killer deal, so now I decided to sand this down and paint it, honestly, I didn't think it would turn out at all. But here are the results....


Isn't she beautiful? Seriously better than I ever imagined! Love it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Penny Pinching Party!

I got this from Kelsee over at Pumpkin Pie Crafts, who got it from Thirfty Home. I just like to think that I've been "pinching penny's" more these days. We make plenty, and I even get to stay at home, but I hate feeling broke at the end of each month, and then sit and wonder where all the money went?? I hate that! Here's what I've been trying to do to help....

1. Heat/AC. Honestly? We hardly ever touch the thermostat. In the summer I can't quite take it when my house is 85, I'll flip it on for about 20 minutes, then shut it off immediately. Or if I can't sleep cause it's so warm...then I give in. At night in the winter, we have a space heater for Cody's bedroom, and one for ours. I've heard that with all the electricity we are using with those, it would just be the same to run the gas, but I'd like to think we are saving some green.

2. Grocerie Shopping @ Walmart. I hate walmart, seriously, for one reason or another I always end up leaving there pissed. Some cashier or something will tick me off. But compared to Smith's, albertsons (unless they have a kill promo), and Macey's....they do have the cheapest stuff.

3. Coupons! I used KrazyCouponLady. I've been slacking lately, but I totally clip it.

4. Eating out. This one is hard for me somedays. Kevin is much better at it. I will occassionally hit up taco bell for my favorite nacho cheese chalupa and a chicken soft taco for $3.21.....or subway for their $2.99 special of the day, but we hardly ever eat out anymore. When the bill comes to the table at almost $30.00 I have guilt trips for hours over how much I could have got in canned food at the store instead.

5. HATS FOR SALE! I've been selling beanies on the side, trying to bring in extra $$.

6. Banned from Joann's fabrics and only shopping at target monitered. This is no joke, I'm not allowed at these two places, and only target with supervision. That saves a lot.

7. Thrift store shopping/Clearance racks. I hardly EVER buy anything unless it's clearance, super sale, or second hand. I found an adorable top at target the other day $8, but found myself feeling guilty and put it back....

8. Stock up while you have the $$$. Last summer I knew that we would have a very very very cheap year. I knew money would be almost non existant. I stocked up on soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, hand soap, body lotion, shower gel, laundry soap's, dryer sheets, canned foods, deoderant, you name it, I found it on sale or as cheap as possible, and bought out the store, that way when we were outta toilet paper, I didn't have to fork out the cash for that, instead....a nacho cheese chalupa....

9. Tithing, paid in full, enough said.

10. Thirfty Crafts. This is something I do to fill the time. Kevin works A LOT, so I do little projects to fill my day with joy, and a pat on the back feeling. I try to keep them ultra cheap, or free. I get the itch to do something, I'll see what i have to work with here, and then go to town (for example: I took our bar stools today, and started giving them a makeover....we already have everything I needed :)

How are you pinching penny's?

Monday, October 5, 2009

Crib to the bedding!!

When I got pregnant with my son, we have moved 3 times! I knew since we weren't home owners that I would never get to paint the baby's room like I always dreamed. I generally knew I was going to have a Boise State nursery. His bedding from "before" was darling, my sister in law so graciously gave it to me, and she found in on clearance at K Mart for less that $10.00!

All I did, was cover what he had! I made a GIANT tube to cover the bumper, then added ribbon for the ties. I redid the ruffle skirt, ruffly, as you can see, I just measured the fabric twice as long as what I need, and pinned accordingly. (EXAMPLE: it was supposed to be 51 long, so I did it 102 inches long, and ever inch or two I would pin a fold) I just bought the sheets, they match the ribbon and the manly poka dots on the orange fabric. I am still working on the quilt, I just don't have the needle you use to tie a quilt, and since my son is sick, it will be a few days.

Thirfty Lamp

I wish I could remember what craft blog I saw this idea from! Instead of using all ribbon I mixed in cotton fabric, ribbon, and tulle!
You have to measure the length of whatever you're going to tie, depending on your lamp shade. For this lamp the strips of fabric and such had to be 21 inches long. Oh and paint that base....

Thursday, October 1, 2009


First off I don't suggest you dress your son's in tutu's. He's being a model for our niece.
Depending on how puffy and full you want your tu tu, I used about 3-4 yards of each color.
Now tulle can be a pain in the butt to cut, so I fold fold fold fold, that way I just make a quick cut into strips about 2 inches wide.
Like so
Buy an elastic band, measure to the waist, and sew the ends together.
fold the strip in half, hold the "bend" on your right hand, and the tails in your left hand.
Put the fold and tails underneath the elastic waist. Like so
Pull the tails through the "bend" or fold in the fabric.
Keep doing this over and over and over and over again, til you fill up the elastic strip
Should look fantastic. Enjoy!

Feed Back

I heart having a craft blog, but I rarely am getting comments or feed back.
So here are a few questions...

Are you using the ideas?
Are the tutorial/pics helping?
Are you reading and not commenting?

Feedback helps me out please feel free to let me know if you use the idea's and how the projects are going for you.

P.S. if you never feel like commenting, then just following the blog would let me know you read it.