Friday, March 26, 2010

Burp Rag Makeovers

These are cloth diapers which work amazingly well for burp rags, I will probably never use anything differnt. But they've been through 3 babys I decided I would spruce them up a bit.....
I made bias tape 5 inches wide (it makes it about 1 inch wide) and about 60 inches long, but there was some leftover. Also on the first one (blue with crabs) I used flannel, and it was too thick if you ask me.

May I also suggest to not drink and sew

(I don't drink that was a joke)

The second one turned out much better. I just used cotton and the same measurements.

A simple change. I like it.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ruffles anyone?

I have a confession! I am not the best at sewing, and by that I mean I pretty much am a complete amateur! I've wanted to do this top for so long but was too afraid to try. It seems the days when I get brave enough my bobbin jams over and over....ect. So today was the day!
I got the pattern from Make it and love it, click here.

I love how it turned out. I will wear it tonight when we go to the temple.

I decided that it would look to toddler if I did ruffles are the way around, so I just did them around the front side.

But I did recycle this shirt to make the ruffles! Somehow we got gum in my dryer. Mad at the time, I am glad now.

Crayon Case

I got this pattern from Skip to my Lou. If you want to give it a try yourself it's super easy.
Click here

I used a layer of batting in the middle to thicken it up a bit, for more structure.

And I probably couldn't sew a straight line to save my life, but good luck to you!
My kid doesn't use crayons quite yet but this will be perfect to toss in the diaper bag for church.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Pillowcase Dress

After swallowing my pride I looked up this pattern which was really simple after I just sat down and read it. Although it you are making your own bias tape just know that it should be 2 1/2 inches wide like she says but probably 36 inches long....just fyi

I love how it turned out.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Horsie Hoodie Towel

Once again this hoody towel was for Cody for Christmas Whoops! Thankfully he doesn't know the difference so he lets me get behind on "projects". I got this pattern from Make it and love it. Yes you heard me right, I USED A PATTERN . It was a success!! Simple too.

I altered it just a bit because it was supposed to be a bear but we turned it into a "Bronco".

Wouldn't you know that Cody haaaaates having things on his head so really it was quite a waste. But still I loved it.

If I had one word of advice I would zig zig the edges of the towel you cut.
I completely skipped over that part during reading, although I thought the mane should look "hair like" so we let it fray.

There you have it.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ruffle Scarf

Do you love remnant fabric as much as I do??
This was just a remnant I had and measure 20" wide and about 50" long.
Last Sunday I happen to have stepped on my white skirt and tore it, so I cut it up and used the scraps.
I just pinned them in a ruffle like fashion and sewed them to the ends of the scarf (both sides)
But when you put in on all the ruffles fall down...still cute to me.

Attempted Pillow Case Dress

So basically I can be a real idiot. I hate patterns and directions and always want to figure things out for myself...... I look at the finished product and just "figure it out" myself.
From the front you can hardly tell I screwed this up so bad
I forget to make casing for the whole dress....I don't know exactly what went wrong.....grrr

And I happen to think Cody looks adorable in this pink dress......

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Friend Kourtney

I know you don't know Kourtney, or maybe you are lucky enough! She is amazing. And funny. And smart. But most of all, she is seriously talented! I had no idea after a few short weeks of hanging out with her that she is a sewing GODDESS! Infact she is also my seamstress for long jeans. Excellent work.
She has an etsy shop you should go check out....Go! The sweetest little onsies you have ever seen! I can't wait to find out the gender of my baby so I can order some....20 more days...
Girl, Girl, Girl.....Darling
I want this for myself, but whatever.
And by the way I want to kiss the baby til it cannot take another kissy.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Head Bands

Loved this one. You know that Valentines Wreath everyone made but me? I am saying I feel left out and the holiday is over! Bummer.

Goodie Headband
Felt (which is CHEAP, you know I'll love it) Cut to the silver dollar size
Needle and thread..duh
Can you figure out the rest?

I have been itching to sew lately, but since there is no sewing machine...I settled for this.

Heather bailey fabric flower sewing to a goodie headband which was also wrapped in ribbon.

Heather Bailey flower:
3x20 fabric, I used remnant because I am cheap like that....
Paper flower
A brad

Fold the fabric in half hotdog ways and thread through, when finished scrunch altogether and sew raw ends together.

Glass inspiration

My dear from Kourtney loves milk glass. And thanks to her so do I. I think I am going to buy either candle sticks or really sheek silk flowers for these vases. Or paint them? I found them all at DI for a steal.
Also these. I love. I saw the little stubby one at this consignment store I love. I came back nearly a month later and it was still there, just calling my name! I think the tall one will hold bubble bath, and the little one bath salts.
I thought one of those really old perfume bottles would look cute too! I heart vintage.

Solar System

This isn't really a "solar system" it's what my husband refers to it as. I laugh about it. I got this idea from Busy Bee Lauren, she doesn't have a craft blog, but she just has really good taste.
I got the chinese laterns from target on clearance, but thought they were bigger than that! Again we are going to be moving soon, so I will redo this at our next place. I know that IKEA has bigger chinese laterns for a very reasonable price.

And the pom pom's are Martha Stuart. Click here for directions.

Sheek Canvas Decor

I saw this idea in a craft magazine about 4 years ago, tore our the page and kept it for a rainy day. I knew it wouldn't be hard to do, just never decided on what colors I wanted...never had canvas lying get my point.

Canvas any size(as man as you want, I could only afford 4)
Spray paint, color is your choice
Scrapbook paper cut to the size of your canvas
Mod Podge, I would use Matte finish

1. Spray paint your canvas, don't worry as much about covering the middle, just make sure the edges don't have white showing through.

2. Cut your paper size according to your canvas. I would do it just a titch smaller than the canvas (Example 8x10 canvas measure 9 3/4 x 7 3/4, which I didn't I learned!)

3. Paint a thin layer of mod podge to your canvas, then using a card (gift, id, debit) smooth out all bubbles. I suck at this, just saing, my poka dot one needs re-done.

4. Is it dry? Add a layer on the top including the edges where the spray paint was...try not to spill it on your counter tops GRRRR.

5. I added probably 2-3 layers, not sure why, but that's what I did, and then you are done! I am just waiting til we move somewhere else to hang them.